“We’ve Got a Marketing Plan for You…”

The Internet is a Big Place with Big Opportunity – Aim to Capture “It All” for Your Niche With a Dominant Marketing Plan Full of Powerful Marketing Strategies and Marketing Systems.

“Systematize your marketing for massive traffic and conversion potential”

Get Traffic Fast:  Convert on direct traffic.  “Buy data”.  Find conversion quickly.  Test different elements.

Establish Residual Traffic:  for Never Ending Hordes of Targeted Traffic from People Who Search to Find You!: Employ powerful promotion, SEO, online paid, offline paid, viral, branding, word of mouth traffic strategies from our KOMACI Traffic Strategies

Convert Traffic: Add up to 50 KOMACI Konversion strategies.

Optimize Conversion:  Employ testing, Improve ad copy factors

Maximize Customer Value:  Sell them more stuff.  Automate many angles of follow up. Educate them more (so they can buy more of your stuff).

Maximize Customer Experience:  Maximized “perceived customer experience”.  You can do a little or you can do a lot to maximize user experience.

online marketing womanDownloads – Free Stuff

1. KOMACI Marketing Starter Plan  – gets your business on a track, set the foundation, get the proper resources, establish automation & semi automation and get systematized!


2. Online Marketing Battle Plans:   Avoid getting caught in in time wasting nothingness and discover different directions of profit from proven online business models.  You absolutely NEED a good business model to follow because it’s way to easy to be busy doing nothing online.

3. Top WordPress Plugins Quickstart List

4. Top Online Marketing Tools Quickstart List

5. 12 Conversions Factors that Could Help You Double Your Business

6. Free Word Press Plugins:

 NEW! Marketing Products:


Launching Soon – First Round of Product Releases::

  • YouTube AVENGER
  • KOMACI 300 SEO Profit Factors
  • KOMACI 400 SEM Profit Actions Checklist – “Instant Global Domination”
  • YouTube AVENGER – Video Marketing for Massive List Building
  • KOMACI Back Link Wizardy
  • X44 Content Marketing System
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: Email2Post
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: SEGenesis
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: TheBestAutodripper
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: KOMACI Krawler
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: SEO Enforcer!
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: KOMACI Global Page Maker
  • Premium WordPress Plugin: KOMACI Global Site Maker
  • KOMACI Traffic Tricks Newsletter
  • KOMACI Global SEO Course
  • KOMACI Global Ranker Strategy
  • OMNI Website Auto Backup and Restore

The Next Round of Products Will Feature:

Some of our products:


Free traffic, residual traffic,  can become far more valuable over time than paid traffic.  Paid traffic can become tremendously profitable if it can be converting profitably while building your lists.  And then there is offline, ‘old school’ traffic can add an extremely powerful influx of customers to your business.  But the bottom line is that we first need to establish an offer that converts the fastest way to figure this out is through Paid marketing online.

Convert Direct. Expand Direct. Convert Residually.  Create and Expand Massive Residual Cash Producing Assets.  Continually Monetize the Lists Built Along the Way.


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