Business Models and Business Systems by KOMACI

Having a business model can set the framework for much success while looking to make money by marketing online.  In fact having a good business model the follow increases a much greater probability of success.

An online business model that has proven itself over time can be likened unto a franchise business model.  And like a franchise business model we try to model our business models, business systems after the approach of franchises in that we look to give a solid plan with very clear checklist action steps so one can simply execute that business model.

Obviously there several successful business models that you can see simply by studying the successful businesses online. Many different businesses have different approaches.  Ultimately, especially starting out, we want to emulate a business mall that has proven itself already.

Determining what makes humans react and buy your stuff is very, very hard to do. When you have a business model in place, a good business system that has stood the test of time has the ability to communicate to humans on a base level, the subconscious level.  Although humans seem random sometimes there are certain behavioral patterns based on their humanity that elicits a repeated response. A good business system, business model can set the framework for an intended human subconscious response from which you can obtain more consistent results.


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