KOMACI Marketing was born our of our own needs and desires for business growth and preeminence.

The marketing products, systems, strategies developed and sold on this site were developed for our own needs.  Many of our products are creative concepts.  Others are reverse engineering of what is successful.

We have a fantastic pool of minds at KOMACI marketing and are able to come up with new marketing and strategies that have brought us much success.

Our intention has been to create  marketing strategies to cover all aspects of a sale.  We aim to use human psychology to help use convert more sales through historical study, pattern recognition, marketing test data from our own and others in addition to quantifying the ‘magic’ of successful ad campaigns or sales people.

We also look to study success and reverse engineer that success while attempting to distill the components of that success into sets of rules we call marketing systems.  Often it’s better to move fast to emulate what’s working now as human behavior tends to move in waves, in fads.   But there is also an element of sales that can be called “evergreen” where products and ad campaigns appeal to basic human and business needs for consistent, solid sales over time. We look to implement these types of marketing systems as well.

Come follow us in our journey to and through marketing excellence. Learn how revolutionize and launch your business to potential new heights  by putting marketing first in your business.  And once you put marketing first, everything else aligns correctly for maximum sales and great customer experience.