Where have we gone wrong!

It’s time to reclaim our dreams we had about marketing online, restore the excitement that was once there and bring back marketing automation!


Most who’ve started businesses online have done so to automated things, to leverage the automation capabilities of the Internet but some how I fear, we’ve created life sucking monsters our of our Online businesses.

Look I’ve had several bricks and mortar businesses over time.  They can become incredibly consuming, if you let them.  The problem is these days we’re getting sucked into a vortex of business online that can be worse than a bricks and mortar business.

Have you noticed that most are getting a lot less done while most have become a lot more busy?  What the heck is going on?!   Well I know what’s going on but I won’t digress here.  I’m here to present KOMACI Automation Division where we push back the nonsense, reclaim our freedom and our lifestyle online.

How are we going to do this?  With marketing software.  Online marketing systems. Mentality courses.  Proper goal setting.  Productivity software.  And we’re going to force the issue of automation.  Yes force.  In order to make it happen we’ll all after to force ourselves to try and stop doing everything, controlling everything, systematize and automate!

No more:

  • marketing technical greed (the perfect theme, design, plugins, SEO, landing page, latest and greatest shiny marketing technique… …)
  • chasing after the marketing ‘Jones’s’
  • enslavement to the latest Google algorithm change
  • trying to guess conversion
  • trying to guess what will ‘definitely sell’
  • trying to make a “perfect product”
  • feeling like you need to be at the every whim, beck and call of your prospects or customers
  • feeling like you have to do all the marketing yourself (which is not possible)
  • feeling like you can’t train others to do what you want exactly