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KOMACI Email2Post offers you a way to build potential massive traffic to your blog while emailing your list frequently.

If you want to make it big on the Internet these days and think “easy money traffic” then you want to post to your blog new content often. Also if you want to make money from your business you need to email your list often.If you don’t have a newsletter email list autoresponder drop what you doing and get one now. It is one of the most important things for your business online.

post emails on blog plugin

I hope you know by now that it is imperative  that you email your list at least once a day with content plus an offer, or at least an offer. And some good marketers email their list twice today using maybe a content email in the morning then offering evening. Consider sending out deals of the day or explaining your products even better. Also consider sending out emails on affiliate offers and have all of these emails posted in perfect formats your blog.

You may think your email on your list too much but you were subscribers are on your list because they think you can help them. And the quickest way to help then is to sell them a product. Because products are supposedly a magical solution since you have to pay for them.

Just imagine if you have one new post of content going out to your blog a day. And we have ways of maximizing that… But anyways You will be building massive content on your blog and generating free traffic! From there you can do some tweaks such as focus on the keyword a little more for a particular blog post etc… Whatever you do make sure you sell something at least at the very end of any post.

Hopefully you don’t think that your email list is just for giving out free content. Did you know that if you set the expectations for “free” Information and free stuff, that your customers will only expect that?  In fact if they expects three stuffed me all the time will be offended from an offer!  You may have heard of the idiotic notion out there that says if you give people not free stuff they’ll feel warm and fuzzy and feel obligated to buy stuff from you. That’s just ignorant. That’s not how people work. I can attest to that from many years in the restaurant industry where I had accumulated much more data regarding customer behavior and response than these “marketers” out there have. No! You train your prospects expectations from the start. If you train them to expect that find a product is the most profitable way to go then it will disregard your free information and look to only respond to offers!  How do I know? From 14 years of emailing experience!

So if you train your customers to expect that buying a product is the Most profitable way to go they will be more active buyers?

So, in conclusion, email your list often! Always try to include some sort of offer whether it’s for your product or someone else’s. If you train your list to be buyers from the start then they will be disappointed if you don’t send them offers!  Trust me on this. They will start to look elsewhere because you are not providing their needs. So go find some offers or create some and keep emailing your list.

Now with the KOMACI Email2Post premium word press plugin you’ll be able to Focus on one thing – email broadcasting your list.Now that broadcast will get posted on your blog and perfect format. And if you do you want his spirits will get posted on 50 more sites all from one broadcast.Then later do SCO and marketing on that post. Market that post, get back links etc. and watch your SEO rankings skyrocket.

The key is “perfect formatting”. Because perfect formatting does not happen on its own with WordPress. Also KOMACI Email2Post will place your keywords and tags and fill out the All In One SEO plug-in automatically. It will also place your email broadcasts on your blog post in the right category.

So just think, now you’re going to have a leveraged effort by simply focusing on broadcasting your list. And then your broadcast gets automatically posted to your blog in perfect format. Again this plug-in fills out all the keywords, the tags the title, and the description. This plug-in will also remove any text that works with your newsletter but not on a post. Also this plug-in will remove any markers you use to avoid spam traps that are necessary for your email but something you would not want to post on your blog.

  •  Posted perfect formatting on your blogs from your autoresponder broadcast next line then have your autoresponder broadcasts be automatically perfectly formatted for your blog
  • We allow the easy setting of tags, delimiter tags that will indicate where to put your keywords, your tags, your title, your description in the proper slots on your WordPress blog and the all-in-one SEO plug-in
  • We also provide a way to remove unwanted text that comes out of an auto responder
  • This plug-in also will remove the spam trap tokens that you place between your words for the sake of avoiding spam traps in your newsletter and automatically remove those for your blog post
  • Ultimately this plug-in gets you encouraged to email your list more which could make your potential fortune why? Because now your efforts are leveraged and that each newsletter broadcast can be posted to your blog imperfect formatting. Now you have the power of a new fresh content page on your site which will help you generate a lot of traffic.
  • I have personally doubled, tripled and septupled the income on different sites respectively that I used this plug-in on. This has been a great tool for me and I think it will be for you. Bottom line is that this plug-in got me excited about emailing my list much more often because I got a tremendous amount of extra traffic back with an automatic blog post. I have a feeling this can help you do something similar potentially.