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  • Incorporate  KOMACI Viral into your everyday marketing and watch your traffic explode.  Make yourself do it, get into the habit of locking up free content and giveaways forcing your prospect to market your site.  In fact you can actually first have your prospect optin to your newsletter then be redirected to your Viral Lockdown page!
  • Why just simply give away content and not get paid for it in some way?  You’re training your visitors to only associate you with free giveaways.  And when you ask them to buy something… they become offended because they associate you with free stuff.  Well going forward you can now at least get your site marketed, back links, social posts, blog posts and more…  You assign the amount of marketing tasks you want to give your visitors in order to access your amazing sounding  free content
  • Market g+
  • Get facebook likes
  • Get tweets with a link back to that page
  • Get book marks.