WordPress themes! We all need them, well for those who wisely use WordPress as their publishing platform. And we always seem to need new themes!

Of course different folks need different layouts for the WordPress theme. But there are some essential things that are required for good marketing and good branding that a WordPress theme needs to have. And a good theme is actually hard-to-find.

How can I say that? There’s so many theme providers out there. Yes but you know how long it takes just to try and figure out one seen these days? It’s like learning a whole new pieces software. That’s just not good enough. And it’s too difficult to get to the type of design we need.

We need to move fast. We need to have excellent SEO. We need to have all the marketing elements our website. We need to have all the legal aspects on a website. We need to have all the things that Google once already to go on our website. We need to be able to move fast.

  • Imagine having the perfect set of plug-ins
  • Have predesigned pop in templates so all you need to do is popping your wording and everything is professionally formatted
  • Modern styles that look good.
  • High conversion placement of elements.
  • Themes that are designed to sell
  • The word press themes or design for clarity
  • “Keep up with the Jones'” through upgraded designs
  •  Launch a ton of sites fast!  We marketers can’t screw around!  We need to get our new content sites, our new sales sites, our new offers, new review sites, new any type of site you need up quickly.  Time is big money these days on the Internet and we can’t screw around for days and weeks fooling around with some dang wordpress theme!!
  • Responsive, instantly mobile themes so we don’t have to get another mobile design
  • SEO Strategies installed!  Cut tones of time and cut right to the chase
  • XML sitemaps for your site in general but also for video, images, mobile sitemap and a user friendly html sitemap.  Why? Google says it wants it!

Our Premium WordPress Theme Products:

  1. KOMACI KOR Theme
  2. KOMACI Shopping Site Concept Theme
  3. KOMACI Theme of the Month Club