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Without traffic that is interested in your business your business goes nowhere, but you know that. Often business owners are resistant to marketing their own business. “Been there, done that in a particular phase.”  It’s a very common problem that place most businesses and is one of the prime reason most new businesses fail.    You need help in “unlocking yourself”, to freeing yourself to becoming a marketing machine, to becoming an aggressive marketer.

Why is that?

Most start up businesses are owner managed. And the process of finishing your products, maintaining your products and coming up with new ones in addition to servicing customers and or doing technical support while taking care of blogs can become overwhelming if you let it.

And owner managers tend not to market themselves because subconsciously create more work and stress for themselves when more business comes in. That’s one problem but there’s another: Because an owner manager is doing so many of the tasks of running the business, vague, unclear marketing systems or marketing strategies simply create more stress without helping.

Another problem is we’ve let ourselves get bossed, deluded and tricked into highly inefficient thinking for those pretending that there are an authority in online marketing that has gotten many online business owners for offline business owners that have a website, bogged down into too many unnecessary things for online business. Additionally we’ve gotten ourselves into thinking that we all need to do the same thing, the same way, with the same traffic mediums. That’s utter nonsense. It’s time to do our own marketing and create our own three massive traffic generators and take back the internet.

Internet business is supposed to be a highly leveraged business so we don’t have to spend 12 hours a day in our business like some bricks-and-mortar businesses can get you doing. It’s time to take back the internet, stop being lemmings, and start generating a ton of success, old school, logical style, with little time involved and a highly profitable lifestyle with lots of free time. Save the bricks and mortar headache for the bricks-and-mortar world. Time to get our leverage back on the internet and you can do so through our educational products.

Through our educational products will help for you up so you can market a lot more aggressively and get rid of the fears of the past.

So what we do is that we develop efficient marketing systems and strategies that give clear singular steps. We have systems and strategies and coaching/ training/ monthly action plan memberships. If you want to succeed, thrive and dominate then join our membership programs.

We put stuff we develop for ourselves up here that we use in multiple businesses online. We’re continually creating and discovering awesome ways to sell more stuff! You may be interested in learning what we’ve discovered…


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