KOMACI SEO strategies

We have created several SEO strategies for personal use. And do our personal use we actually apply the system and found the systems to be quite effective. Therefore we now Feel good about presenting these systems for you. We believe these SEO systems can help you increase your traffic and your rankings.

Now one main thing we learned is to stop chasing Google. Stop trying to guess Google were chased the latest SEO algorithm change. It’s a losing battle because we are convinced by now that Google is not necessarily only looking for a ‘best user experience’ but are also looking to simply Not let anyone have the ability to rank on purpose. We’ve discovered overmuch experience wasted time and hurt businesses that Google has no interest at all in helping you.  They are interested in their interests and if anyone can game the search engines to get top rankings then they’re in trouble.

Also what we learned is that Google will actually claim that it made changes in his algorithms and may shift at rankings But only shift up those rankings temporarily. That after the temporary shift is done to throw people off they would shift their algorithm back. Why would he do such a thing?  Well to get rid of the SEO gamers. But understand that there are certain fundamental to search that can never change. And that’s why Google has to switch back to These core SEO values or else their search results will not be relevant or helpful to the user. And if Google is not helpful relevant to the user the user will start to look for other search engines to you.

So we need to focus on these core SEO principles that just cannot be denied. And then we need to focus on marketing the snot out of our business. We can’t let this insane, idiotic chasing of Google algorithms hurt or destroy our businesses anymore. Google continues to keep putting scores of companies out of business. And that’s the businesses ball because they relied on Google only.  So Let us help you cure this insanity and get you on the path to marketing your business from massive, residual traffic.

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