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An SEO system is a set of strategies organized into a methodical set of rules to be simply executed over and over. In order to execute such a strategy first need to learn it to go through it, get familiar with it.  After you execute the strategy once or twice yourself it will become a lot easier for you. And then once you have been able to do the strategy yourself you can then love to have someone else do it for you, outsource it.

A system is predesigned with perspective. It is designed usually based off of past successes. Because past successes give us the greatest probability for potential future successes.  By taking a Birdseye view of what works in SEO were more likely to design something more effective. So we design a SEO system based off of what’s been working and other fundamentals that of stood the test of time and we just still the system to a set of clear and simple rules. Once we have those simple action steps then we have a system that can be simply executed. And once we have that we can duplicate that out and have others do the system for us as well.

That said it’s always good for you personally to do the SEO system by yourself a couple times so you really know it. We found that you not to be able to teach it or get someone to do it for you well unless you know how to do it yourself. That’s just how it seems to work.

New SEO Systems to Be Launched Soon:

  • 200 Factor SEO Checklist
  • KOMACI International SEO System
  • 7 Quick SEO Strategies
  • X12
  • X22
  • X44
  • Jupiter16
  • Jupiter16 2.0



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