KOMACI X22 Free Traffic Content Amplification System

These days it’s easy to get free traffic. Well it’s easy for us. Would you like to make free traffic getting easy for you?

What if we were to reduce the pain in the …. neck aspect of marketing to condense the free traffic internet cash producing asset concept into one that was so highly concentrated and leveraged that you would even be excited about doing yourself?

That’s the goal.  A free content generation method needs to be so ridiculously, hotly leveraged that we start to shake on our insides because we are so excited about tearing into this method with wild abandon and Tasmanian devil velocity.

I mean, man… for a guy like me to roll up my sleeves and do content marketing, a concept I usually hold in contempt, I would have to be super, duper excited about that content marketing method.   So I couldn’t actually find one “out there” in online marketing land so I made one myself.

Would you like to know how to employ an Internet Real Estate Cash Producing Asset concept for Ever Streaming Residual Income Creating Traffic Flows?

Usually when we talk about free traffic a lot of folks get excited at first but then get left excited when they run into some complications strategy. Frankly i’m sure you’re busy like me. You like to do a lot of things. But running the tedium of most free traffic generation Concepts this is simply not acceptable.

Ultimately whether you do traffic generation yourself or assign the traffic generation to others you need a method that’s going to be solid and worth your time.

Firstly before we go into any of this free traffic generation the question is – a website, a service, a business worthy of promotion?

And understand that if you make your website, you, services, your ad copy were the promotion where as you feel good about aggressively selling you are stuff then you will very likely actually take action and Massive Action because you will feel and believe that your efforts will pay off big-time.

When you develop something worth selling then you can become very wealthy. You must personally feel that your offer is worth selling. Sometimes you just arrived at this feeling or sometimes you just manufacture it. Regardless you need to believe that your product can sell and sell well.

Now when you have something that you feel is worthy of promoting and building you can build an Empire off of that offer or offers. In regarding your website, do you understand that every single piece of content you put on your website becomes a potential source of freak traffic, and Free sales. And these are sales that just keep on coming without you having to go put forth any more effort.

What we wanted you here with the KOMACI X22 Free Traffic Content Amplification System is to implement a way that can become highly efficient and Leverage content for Amplified additional free stream the traffic with very little overall involvement.

We look to think of each piece of content as a cash producing assets because essentially that’s what it can be. Each piece of content, web page, post can be tuned to attract and transform visitors into you curious, moist prospects that want to figure out what you have and what it could do for them.

Each person that joins your newsletter with follow-ups search develop a relationship with you, your business.  They start to feel like they know you.  And when you could develop free internet real estate properties that creatively motivate people and all sorts of internet and neighborhoods you can attract all sorts of loyal followers who then will also tell their friends if they like your stuff.

internet traffic system

X22 Traffic System for Generating White Hot Buzz and Massive Streams of Evergreen Residual Free Traffic.


You can run all the paid campaigns you want – and strike it rich.  But you have to continually manage those paid campaigns.  Nothing beats a steady stream of residual


Why X22?  We made it for ourselves in order to create a masterful system that would encompass most critical aspects of marketing for getting a monetizable website started while growing traffic over time.


As I’m sure you’re well aware there are many marketing possibilities these days to maximize traffic and sales. These opportunities come in the form of “Free traffic” and paid traffic.  We wanted to develop a system that would incorporate both in maximize both at the same time from one central, singular action starting point: a piece of content!  Usually we start off with an article but sometimes we start off with a video. From there we can extract, Inspire many different, needed formats.


Understand that I am talking from the perspective of having now over 100, maybe nearing closer to 200 of my own products that need promotion.   In addition to that we have newsletters that are primarily focused around affiliate marketing. There is a lot of work to do. And we need to be extremely efficient in our marketing.


We want to target the big traffic centers in addition to pulling streams of targeted, residual traffic from the additional traffic centers.  While the opportunity is there we want to maximize our ability to generate traffic, leads and sales from:  Google SEO, Google Adwords, YouTube, free and paid , Facebook viral and paid, Twitter viral and paid, LinkedIn paid, Pinterest viral and paid, Retargeting, other mobile platforms, affiliate networks, online media buys, print ads, TV starting with local cable,


We want to test, see what converts, get better at conversion within our particular niches through a repeatable, systematic process that does several things for us along the way:

  • Give us blog posts
  • Give us newsletter follow-ups and newsletter broadcasts
  • Gives us more keywords to focus upon and target for SEO purposes
  • Give us other formats for marketing that can rank on there on
  • Give direction and inspiration for ad creation on paid advertising sources
  • Give us landing pages to test out of the same piece of content
  • Give us another portal for collecting leads off the search engines and social sites
  • Give us an additional social site Page, sets of tweets, video or videos, images or content for info graphics, graphics for pin boards etc.
  • Give us content and direction for off-line advertising
  • Give content for solo ads, E-mail blast to rented lists
  • In this contact for press releases
  • Give us content for paid content distribution sites


So you see this list of places the market. Any good professional business will look to maximize all the marketing opportunities. I know most of you are one-man operations.  That’s fine. I understand.  This system is definitely for you. You know you have to do most of these well in order to hit it big. But you need to be able to figure out a way to be extremely efficient. You need to figure out how to make a big heavy concept light, easy and quick.  The feeling of overwhelm needs to be entirely replaced by feeling that you know what you’re doing and this is easy.


For others the system helps get you do the marketing that you just simply never got started doing. You had hopes and dreams before making thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of month but didn’t quite figure out all the steps in between how to get there. That’s okay it’s time to figure out the steps. And it all starts with marketing. You’re not to have a business that sells stuff, Services or even advertising that’s drives without marketing. It’s not to happen accidentally– Ever! So get that idea permanently out of your mind because it’s holding you back.


Of course everything starts with converting words, ad copy, content.  We want to keep in mind the various formats we will eventually transform our content into as we create our initial piece of content.  You will get better at doing this overtime. Do not try to be perfect from the start! Just dive in and start writing. I would look at doing several rounds of this next 22 system yourself to completion because you are going to learn a lot. Plus it’s important for you to personally get good at understanding what works and marketing and what works for conversion. Then after that you can multiply your efforts by hiring people to do all this work for you. But after you done this well yourself you’ll understand exactly how to teach people in order to get exactly what you want, for your niche and your business.



We understand that there are MANY tasks to do, overwhelmingly so to comprehensively cover marketing online well these days.  We wanted to make organization and doability out of mayhem, overwhelm and ‘deer in the headlights’ type of inaction.


online traffic system

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