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MEMBERSHIP:  SEO Grasshopper

Learn SEO from the ground floor up through mastery.

  • Learn how to set up and layer in SEO fundamental for massive streams of free traffic.
  • Learn how to monetize, make money from your websites and different ways of doing so
  • Learn how to set up your website for maximum traffic leverage
  • Find out how to use SEO  to optimize for much cheaper paid traffic if you want that.
  • Learn how to set up viral maximization through many different strategies
  • Find out how to build incredible traffic streams through social media and other content platforms
  • Learn about how to increase your conversions dramatically by trust building
  • Learn how to increase your conversion dramatically by brand building and “being everywhere” without paid advertising (or how to use paid advertising in a leverage way for very low cost advertising.)
  • Discover what secretly works
  • Discover what has secretly been working now for decades that SEO “pros” don’t know to do
  • Be able to build massive free traffic to your websites
  • Create empires of virtual real estate that gets hoards of residual traffic even globally



  • Learn and receive doable singular action checklist to Simply execute towards building up in massive continuous flood free traffic.
  • This is now time to build the solid and large traffic positioning before the rest of the planet gets online which is about to happen.
  • Receive a coach and a ” drill sergeant” of sorts to actually help you get the task done brings in large streams of traffic from many angles while setting up followers from all sorts of platform and viral campaigns and Trigger to make whatever you do get a ton of free traffic, high conversion while setting you up for dramatically reduced, cheap, paid advertising costs.
  • Yes when you do these fundamentals will teach you, if you do decide to do paid advert your cost can go dramatically lower so you give large quantities of very cheap traffic that can convert thereby giving you a large return on your advertising spend.
  • After we’ve maximized the free traffic setups and you get your free traffic systems going, and after we maximized conversion factors and viral marketing factors, then we’ll start getting into paid advertising setups for you to start crushing it online.
  • We’ll also go into offer development, you know the thing you are actually selling. You will learn how to become offer Masters and how to quickly generate offers that will sell.
  • We’ll also go into speed product development so you can put out more and more offers to develop more and more streams of cash flow.
  • We’ll also crack the codes on psychological and emotional factors to get you actually excited about junior marketing and making a lot of money online.
  • We’ll also go into automation factors so you can learn how to automate as much as possible weather through technology or through other people.
    Sign up now while spots are available. Your education and assignment as of now we’ll come on a monthly basis although we may change that later.

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KOMACI Traffic Tricks Program

MEMBERSHIP:  KOMACI Traffic Tricks:  Monthly Training in New Traffic Strategies for Free Streams of Residual Traffic

Prepare to have your mind blown by entering the world of strategic and systematic marketing.  Simply learn and simply apply.  Or have someone else learn and apply for you.

  • These are simple, doable, highly effective strategies that various platforms can not deny.
  • Learn, do, stack them up and develop large streams of free traffic that just keeps on coming.
  • Most ‘traffic tricks’ marketed out their by parasitic marketing goons were accidental events that have no durability.   People get suckered in by their ‘proof’, if that ‘proof’ is even real and they sell that marketing strategy or marketing system as if it was a duplicatable thing, which as you probably have experienced, almost never is.    Or on the other hand, maybe some strategy did have temporary validity, but desperate marketers, desperate for other marketers approval, whored out their strategy and ruined it.    So in place of those pump and dump strategies we offer traffic trick strategies that have fundamental “evergreen” (stand the test of time, undeniable marketing approaches) basis so one can implement, build, variate and compound for ever growing traffic, without wasting their time and effort.
  • Many if not most in online marketing have wrong ideas about traffic generation due to bad marketing teachers.  They are backed up with a ton of fear.  Or they have been trained in gimick mindset which has ruined their mindset for success.  Let us help you break out of that trance.  We have a much easier way to the ‘easy way’ trap that goes no where, produces usually no results, wastes your money and wastes your time all while making you bitter and fearful towards marketing, freezing you up and preventing your success.   Let us help you cure that and get back into the game of crushing it on line!
  • Little doable, definite, quantifiable, result producing, steps implemented and completed, stacked upon one another can achieve incredible breakthrough results.
  • Focus is on free traffic techniques and setting up for high conversion leverage to mass convert low cost paid traffic for potential dramatic returns.

KOMACI EVERGREEN Residual Traffic Program
  • Focus is on free traffic techniques
  • Focus is also on evergreen residual traffic techniques
  • Residual traffic = residual income with converting offers, converting products & services

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MEMBERSHIP:  Local Business Domination Traffic Strategies and Business Growth Strategy Monthly

Local business can do extremely well with even physical and viritural world business expansion once they have the business strategy, the SEO strategy,  the traffic generation strategies, the lead generation strategies, the duplication strategies… in place.

  • Receive a core foundational restructuring of online presence strategies
  • Receive a Step by Step SEO execution then on to methodical domination plan over time
  • Discover strategy on how you can expand, and potentially dramatically into the virtual world
  • Learn how to leverage other traffic sources
  • Discover how to leverage other selling platforms
  • Find out how to turn your services and your expertise into other formats of products for mass revenue expansion
  • Discover how to turn your skills into multiple streams of residual income
  • Learn about cash producing assets plans in the physical and virtual world
  • Learn about how franchising works
  • Learn about marketing stems you can implement or have someone implement for you in check list style
  • Receive monthly training and plan at a doable pace providing potential for compounded and eventually geometric growth to your business.


MEMBERSHIP:  KOMACI Online Business Domination

Monthly plans for systematic expansion of your online business through traffic strategies, conversion strategies, new business model strategies.

  • Discover how to become completely dominant online over time
  • Discover the techniques of some of the biggest business online broken down for you to duplicate out from an action plan
  • Traffic strategies to compound your traffic to very large traffic flows
  • Monthly doable plans
  • Monthly education on new ways to do business online
  • Business expansion conceps
  • Monetization expansion concepts taking what you have while transforming it into other lucrative products and services you can sell.
  • Multiplication of virtual cash producing asset systems and strategies
  • Multiplication of traffic generation, lead generation sources



MEMBERSHIP:  KOMACI Monetization Strategies | Strategies for Making Money with Your Website

Monthly course and execution check list for the implementation of a new money making method with a website.

  • Make more money out of your current website.
  • Make more websites for more money making strategies.
  • Marketing strategies for active income flows.
  • Marketing strategies for passive income flows.
  • Make More from What You’ve Got Strategic and Creative Approach.
  • Just One Strategy Could Make some of You Millions.
  • Discover different types of offers that could trigger customers into a mass buying spree.
  • Add up little strategies, medium & big ones to compound profits and create a “parabolic” increase in revenue. 
  • Once you do these strategies just one time, you’ll get it.  And then you’ll be able to duplicate out on other websites, on other business too.  Plus once you understand the strategies by doing you can much better teach others to implement for you to help automate out more and more in your businesses or multiple businesses.