KOMACI EVERGREEN Residual Free Traffic Strategies Program

Monthly Program where we teach you next step action plans to implement strategies for growing and compounding free traffic for free leads and free sales…

Set it up, layer it up and let the traffic come in and keep on coming.

  • Systems for creating residual traffic, dominant residual traffic
  • Month by month we provide a piece to the puzzle of an exact action plan with signular steps so it’s easy to get the job done right.  This singular step method is similar to the broken down action steps you would see in a good franchise.  But here we’re teaching you how to crush it and be dominate with free traffic that just keeps on coming and coming.
  • On the internet, you can be as big or even bigger than the biggest of companies
  • Look, if you build your residual traffic or even semi residual (the kind that requires lots of activity although you don’t have to nor should you do that activity, or content making) to dominant levels your site becomes VERY valuable.  Dominant traffic sites have even sold for 8 and 9 figures.  So do think big.  We are thinking big for you in this KOMACI Evergreen Program and our monthly task list will be in line with big goals for you.
  • The monthly strategy task list is designed to be do able with NO STRAIN.  Strain doesn’t sit well with the subconscious.  Each action should be very easy to execute if you simply dive in and “hack away”.  No perfectionism is needed at all. If you want to be perfect you can hire someone to proof your stuff.   What’s even better is that you can hand out this check list to someone else to DO FOR YOU.
  • Do you realize that residual traffic, traffic that keeps on coming mixed with a product selling process that sells, IS residual income?