KOMACI Local Business Growth Compounding Program

Monthly action plan for growing your business each month with the goal of doubling your business over and over.

There is most definitely a continuing trend towards doing more business online. That said, many bricks and mortar businesses will never go away.  And you can use online marketing extremely effectively to grow your business very large and very profitably. Unfortunately most local business owners don’t know much about SEO nor do they have time to figure it out and scratch on their own. Speaking of on your own…

What I want to do for you is to translate mostly on my marketing strategies and techniques into a very simple easy to do set of singular actions steps that you can implement or and assistant, an employee of yours can implement to grow your Business in a very powerful and dramatic way.

That said our goal is to help increase profits and make a lot more money.  We will introduce concepts to you that will open your eyes to new ways of making money from your own business.

Glean from our experience of running online businesses and off-line businesses, even franchising and being a franchisor in addition to consulting other off-line businesses and online businesses.  We have very good experience to blend the two together for a powerful rapid profitability and growth rate expansion.

  • Join our monthly membership program that will give you an action plan assignment for each month that you can do yourself or hand off to someone else. We look put the action steps into as singular of a steps as possible in order to facilitate you in  automating the process by having someone else do the check list action plan for you if you so desire.
  • We’ll look to build a powerful base in your local area online and off their different strategy modules overtime so you can generate continuous streams of new prospects and customers that keep coming and coming. Automated and residual traffic streams can be very beneficial specially when you’re focused on operating the business, growing the business and making more money from your business.