KOMACI SEO Dominance Program Monthly

Monthly Program with Strategic Step by Step Action Plan for Implementation for Utter SEO Dominance Over Time

This program is for those who have an online business that they really want to grow big so they can make lots and lots of residual, Evergreen, Ever streaming traffic, sales and leads…

Month by month we will take you here a very specific step-by-step, Singular action, action plan that you could even hand to a sensible assistant or outsourced worker in order to build your oneline up layer by layer so that it keeps growing and growing and growing into a highly priced property that could be advanced for high valuation or continued growth.

  • We take very creative approaches that have to by many factors through roughly 20 years of online marketing experience through aggressive and super creative testing town experimentation and lots of selling
  • The money is not in the latest SEO gimmick we’re chasing the latest Google update which often is a sham itself.  The money is in building powerful SEO techniques that have works regardless of what the search engines haven’t doing for the past 20 years.
  • Then we can exploit developments in search engine approaches for very solid techniques to bring in Horance of free traffic from the search engines and social media
  • Low like a butterfly sting like a bee… you’ll be taking a multipronged attack so you’re not putting all your eggs in one SEO basket
  • You’re going to be able to develop a core site and many others stacking compound your traffic and convert your traffic at higher and higher rates.
  • You’ll be on the grow and stacking layers and bite-size chunks. Actions will be doable cannot overwhelming. This is the best way to go.  If we push past the strain point then we won’t want to do no work. But if we do a little at a time we build more and more momentum and more and more confidence.  It is important because marketing takes a certain amount of Faith and hope doesn’t it. We don’t really know exactly for sure”if it’s going to work” so if you do stages that build confidence you’ll believe more  in the process in the strategies so you’ll finally be able to make a breakthrough marketing.  And this is also important because most people get “deer in headlights” and never do anything in marketing because they don’t believe it will work so they figure why try… Well that’s what losers do.  But now what are help in this program you can make winning a habit