KOMACI Traffic ENFORCER Membership and Coaching

Membership and Coaching that provides traffic getting training, systems & strategies FOR helping you become a traffic getting professional who never has to worry about traffic generation again & who knows how to aggressively convert large numbers of sales on a consistent basis.

You know you can make a lot of money online.  You may have made products, websites, sales pages with all sorts of conversion tricks etc… but you just can’t seem to get traffic.   And you know if you got traffic to your site you’d make a lot of profit.  But you haven’t and you just can’t seem to get started.  Why?

  • Overwhelm from too many traffic platforms
  • Fears that Google will ruin you if you take one step “wrong” so you don’t take any steps at all.
  • There seems like “too many” traffic options and you don’t know where to start
  • You aren’t confident in the quality of your product or service
  • You aren’t confident in your ad copy
  • Risk!  Marketing, getting traffic can seem risky:  risk in terms of money and risk in terms of time.
  • Worry over breaking some stupid rule especially on the big platforms and getting banned which causes you to freeze and do nothing
  • Worries over if you have your legals correct.

Well it’s time to OVERCOME these fears!  It’s time to move a ahead reducing your risk to negligible while having fast action plans for free and free residual traffic that won’t waste your time on some wild goose chase.

7 Deadly Traffic Fears – Why You Haven’t Gotten Traffic Yet and What to Do to Fix  Your Traffic Problem:  Free Download

COME join us on this journey of step by step traffic mastery.  By mastery, you will be able to apply the best traffic sources to fit  your product needs.  You will have familiarity with all the major platforms and free residual traffic techniques (i.e. SEO)

Key #1 Knowledge:  Know what you Can and Can’t Promote on an Advertising Platform (i.e. Facebook, Google) and Know What offers Work Best to What Traffic Source

Key #2 Getting Comfortable with your Ad Platform:  It All Starts with Doing Something Once then KNOWING That Platform Makes it What, Many Times Easier the Second Time Through!

Key #3  Action!  Singular doable actions that slash through overwhelm and gets you moving forward building momentum.

Key #4 – Get a Coach – a “Boss”: Sorry to say, but when it comes to making ourselves actually execute traffic, marketing work, most if us need a coach or a “boss” to teach us and make sure we get done what we need to get done.  Now, we’re not going to personally stand over your shoulder but we will take the approach and the “franchise” like instructional approach in breaking down the steps to get a job done, well, that making traffic happens becomes simple.  Plus we’ll teach and explain the process.

  • Learn and receive doable singular action checklist to Simply execute towards building up in massive continuous flood free traffic.
  • This is now time to build the solid and large traffic positioning before the rest of the planet gets online which is about to happen.
  • Receive a coach and a ” drill sergeant” of sorts to actually help you get the task done brings in large streams of traffic from many angles while setting up followers from all sorts of platform and viral campaigns and Trigger to make whatever you do get a ton of free traffic, high conversion while setting you up for dramatically reduced, cheap, paid advertising costs.
  • Yes when you do these fundamentals will teach you, if you do decide to do paid advert your cost can go dramatically lower so you give large quantities of very cheap traffic that can convert thereby giving you a large return on your advertising spend.
  • After we’ve maximized the free traffic setups and you get your free traffic systems going, and after we maximized conversion factors and viral marketing factors, then we’ll start getting into paid advertising setups for you to start crushing it online.
  • We’ll also go into offer development, you know the thing you are actually selling. You will learn how to become offer Masters and how to quickly generate offers that will sell.
    We’ll also go into speed product development so you can put out more and more offers to develop more and more streams of cash flow.
  • We’ll also crack the codes on psychological and emotional factors to get you actually excited about junior marketing and making a lot of money online.
  • We’ll also go into automation factors so you can learn how to automate as much as possible weather through technology or through other people.
  • Sign up now while spots are available. Your education and assignment as of now we’ll come on a monthly basis although we may change that later.


Let me define this coaching:  This membership will be kept low price to help you.  That also means the “coaching” here will be one way where we teach you and then give you assignments.  It will be like going to school getting the books and assignments:  read, do assignments and take text.  When you have the books and assignments that are user friendly and intuitive you don’t need to ask questions to a teacher (as most teachers these days just tell you to go back and read your book or learning material>)

KOMACI Traffic ENFORCER Takes another angle towards traffic coaching to help not only educate but to help you actually do the tasks, durable simple singular action task that will get your traffic going.

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are just stuck. They’re overwhelmed. Don’t know if they should do this or that or what’s best to do. What ends up happening? Well they end up doing nothing! This is sad. Then the overwhelmed get depressed and waste a lot of money chasing those marketing gimmicks that waste time and money. Or worse, then those scam gimmicks not only take your money, they get you to do a lot of work that brings you little if no traffic or then that gets your website in trouble. Those people who do that aren’t there to help you, obviously, they’re just there to take your money taking advantage of the nature of marketing online. And we’ve been seeing that since 1997.

It’s better to learn fundamentals, and insider type of insights, well, building up traffic methods that can provide absolute mass quantities of traffic that just keeps on coming.

Discover how to break free from all of those things that have been holding you back, knowledge wise, mentality wise and emotionally. Will show you ways to do this so you can start marketing aggressively with freedom to move fast and test all sorts of different ideas without fear and worry.

Learn how to market with other websites, of your own, that promote your brand so you can feel more free and aggressive toward actually getting started. Because we know that a lot of you are afraid to “mess something up” and “ruin your business” so that fear causes you to do very little to nothing – am I right about that? That’s extremely common. But that’s not acceptable. You can not be held back anymore. You need to be able to market your business and do so aggressively. So we’ll show you how to do that.

The concept in using the word ENFORCER is an important one for a lot of people. This means that we’re going to put out our coaching training and assignment in a way that’s very specific, singular by step, doable and with an approach that get you motivated to get the job done and do it quickly! Because we all know that just about every online business entrepreneur would be making many figures more if they had some sort of “boss” or “coach” who actually knew what they were doing, “making them” do the work.

Sign up now while spots are available. Your education and assignment as of now we’ll come on a monthly basis although we may change that later.