KOMACI Traffic Tricks Program Monthly Membership for Monthly Traffic Strategies

This membership focuses on traffic tricks which are traffic strategies that are quick and simple to implement that can help kickstart the flow of traffic or even provide an explosion of traffic.

For those who are business owners and manage your own business and for those who our product creators, the world of marketing is just way out there. It’s not compatible with the managerial mindset nor is it compatible with the product creation mindset. You need traffic tricks that are easy and quick to implement or that are simple enough you can hand off to someone else to do for you such as a current employee or low-cost outsourcing.

We of course are speaking from experience over many years through multiple different business experiences and those of others. We want traffic tricks. You want to traffic tricks. And you know the online business community once traffic tricks!

Who wants to sit there all day long grueling away at marketing. Yes sometimes marketing can be fun but a lot of marketing is just boring repetitive clerical work. And if you’re the creative type, yes you can get a certain amount of creativity in but, if your looking to sell and sell a lot of product getting too creative, straying too far from a formula that works usually doesn’t go very far.

  • This is a monthly membership it gives you a mini instructional course that you can course that you can digest very quickly. No it’s very little work because we know you’re probably like us and just want the exact action steps with a bit of an explanation so we understand why.
  • So we give you singular action step checklists. We use a certain technique called A C T I O N ! That helps speed up the process and allows for even teenagers to do. (yes kind of like the McDonald’s franchise concept.)
  • This membership is designed to coordinate with our other traffic and conversion educational coaching memberships. So if you desire to add more marketing ability, marketing strategies, marketing systems and marketing POWER to help you be able to generate a lot of traffic and a lot of sales, quickly and on demand you may want to consider joining several of our memberships at the same time.
  • Another word on are multiple memberships: Different people learn at different paces. It is necessary to make one strategy per month and give each member a “deadline” for focus and motivation to get the job done over 30 days. Otherwise what usually happens? We usually buy a marketing system, does your software and then do nothing with it! That’s not good. So the way we teach you’ll be able to and you’ll be motivated to implement the new strategy with a good Pace each month and start to see results.
  • Keep in mind that as you add 1 new traffic trick upon another new traffic trick your traffic can compound. That means your results can stack upon themselves and your rate of business growth can accelerate in a geometric fashion. This is especially the case as you optimize your website and it’s content connections to various strong social networks.
  • We’re going to focus on traffic tricks for free and low-cost traffic. We know the number one reason that most people don’t get going and they’re online businesses that they’re afraid of wasting money on traffic that will not convert. So let’s not waste money! Let’s be very shrewd when we do spend a little bit of money and look to maximize that little bit into a many fold return. We will teach you how to go about this.