SEO Grasshopper Program

Learn SEO from Its Core for Never Ending Streams of Free Traffic and Free Sales Producing for Producing Residual Income

Learn Evergreen Fundamentals that Have Worked for 20 Years on Up through Powerful SEO Strategies You Can Employ to Start and Grow Your Business

Learn SEO with Implementation on your site or start from scratch.

  • Done in LOI fashion where you get 5 things to do that can quantifyable add, layer, stack improvement for potential compounding, geometric even exponential results over time.
  • Get education.  Complete angle SEO:  Do what’s working & how to unlock those secrets so you can always find out what’s working.
  • Evergreen SEO – learn core SEO that has worked from 1998
  • An algorthm can always quickly become changes so as the masses follow the heard, and then get slapped by the latest juke ranking algo you learn how to go the other way and scrore.
  • Develop strategic plans to become dominant.
  • Find out how to create SEO so it can be used in low cost paid marketing to explode your traffic.
  • Free traffic. There is a debate about if one should do free traffic strategies or pay traffic strategies. So people wonder and guess and strategize for years wasting a lot of time. Well let me help free you from this waste of time because we are going to teach you how to design content optimized for SEO that you can use right away on paid ads for high conversion and a high viral affect. Therefore when one as paid traffic to your SEO site, or your site that is SEO’d, your traffic and explode and proliferate throughout the internet giving you hordes of additional free traffic, word of Mouth marketing, ” viral marketing”, backlinks, social shares and extra internet territory to expand your message of “come to my site and buy my stuff”

Do you have a business online yet? If not no worries because we’ll show you new cash flow businesses that you can start within the program:

  • Month by month we will go over laying the foundation for learning SEO to develop large amounts of traffic and residual streams of traffic.
  • After month 3 we will start introducing strategies for free traffic and for compounding that free traffic into massive hordes of traffic to create new cash flow businesses that you can set up four total automation or minimal monitoring.
  • We’ll give you a shortcut tools as helpfu. Also as new tools get developed for a we develop our own new tools we’ll let you know.
  • We will lay out model strategies and plans for the long-term. Because without a vision one can easily go off tracked and hot along into some latest bad they’re for wasting time.
  • We keep you focused with perspective because the big money in SEO takes longer term vision. Sometimes you just going to have to have faith or believe in the future with your strategy due the layered development process that goes along with building up massive residual free traffic.



Time to roll up the sleeves and get down to real business.  I’ve done all sorts of marketing over the years and I’ve learned a lot of things. The one thing I keep coming back to his that nothing beats SEO.  Nothing beats free evergreen traffic generation.  Nothing beats setting up and compounding Global traffic streams act keep finding your site and buying your stuff.

Now paid marketing can have its vantages if one sets that up smartly.  But that’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of management.  Adds goes stale new campaigns need to be crated all the time. Boy that can be a lot of work.  And you have to step on top of it or else you’ll waste a lot of money fast.

Additionally when people come to you they’re searching for you, they’re looking for you. When people search for you and finds you and buy your stuff they tend to be much better customers versus the customers he tend to get if you directly sell them through paid marketing.

Have you ever done any online dating? Well if you have, you made noticed that the ones who you first tend to be the most interested in you and will tend to be the most successful dates that is if you are interested in them.  The similar phenomenon are psychology works in selling through SEO.  When customers come to you they tend to be much better customers.  They put the effort in at the start so therefore they want to see something come from there efforts, their risk, their hard work… And they usually don’t want to leave empty handed so they look for ways to buy your stuff.

Now if you work on your conversion to make it easy for your visitors to buy your stuff  then you can help these folks out by pointing them to solutions that they can buy from you.  Now conversion mastery is a whole different topic. The bottom line is that just make your site is great and your offers great, be creative and be interesting and people will very likely buy from you. Plus when you’re proud of your Business and feel that it is where the marketing efforts then you’ll enable yourself together put the effort in any investment towards aggressively marketing and selling to business.

$49.77 Per Month