YouTube marketing resources

You’ll want to check out the sites and learn from them as well.


  2. look down the “channels” tab
  3. Video promotions services. Claim 100% YouTube TOS compliant. The reason you want to promote your videos with tools, services like these is that the more subscribers, views and comments you have the greater rankings your video will achieve, granted Google doesn’t flag you for spam.
  5. aggressive YouTube channel subscriber for people who subscribe to other people’s YouTube channel, related to yours.
  6. Submission, distribution automation tool.
  7. compliant views.
  8. YouTube compliant to TOS promotion
  9. Lead Pages – Instant professional, top notch up in pages. All you need to do is plug in your info. It also does all the tracking for you. And of course you can redirect to your offers.
  10. Aweber – super solid autoresponder service. I’ve used them for many years without a problem.
  11. AW Pro Tools – This turns aweber two in advance auto responder system with auto responder stacking, Tagging while being able to move A subscriber to another list as soon as that subscribers finished with another list
  12. Get Response – good for aggressive marketing.
  13. Premium Webcart – top of the line advance multiple channel, Stacking, tagging, Daisychaining auto responder and customer relation manager. The use of this is ideal especially if you have your own products. You can do just about anything with the system and it simple to use.

Youtube Advertising Tutorial 2014: How to Create 150 Video Ads targeted to state level over 3 videos for testing response on a localized level.   A campaign walkthough and how to copy campaigns for quick variant testing. Once you find what converts you can run profitable campaigns then roll up.


How To Setup a YouTube Advertising Campaign – Complete Tutorial. Go standard views. Target locations. Target locally if that applies to your business. Frequency Cap: how many times you want to show your ads per visitor a week (instead of seeming pushy). Turn off content display network on Google networks. Create 2 different ads: Create 2 ads: Instream ad and In search ad – separate them out. In stream video: someone has to watch at least 30 seconds for you to be charged. (have to watch entire video

  1. verify your YouTube channel
  2. how to verify your YouTube account WITHOUT Using your Cellphone!
  3. Screen capture video tools browser based
  4. Screen Capture Software
    1. Camtasia windows and mac.
  5. Video capture live 3D:
    1. Flip cam
    2. Cell phone
  6. Screen image capture
    1. Snagit

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