Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing aka SEM or SEO although SEO is considered ‘evil’ by Google now whereas optimizing for ranking is against Google’s terms of use… is the new ‘switch over term’ which kinda means the same thing.

SEO could mean different things too now.  SEO for gaming the search engines for a quick pop rank usually is done by those who are selling crap.  So these crap sellers flood the search engines with junk therefore creating a bad user experience.   So for those of us who were selling good stuff, with good websites, we should have been the ones optimizing for ranking in the search engines, drowning out the crappy sites, providing a good user experience to users.  Then we wouldn’t have this mess.

So if good people with good stuff aren’t aggressive, crappy people with crappy stuff rise and ruin!   So get good and get moving!  Make good stuff, good content, good products, nice looking sites and start marketing aggressively!  You owe to the online community to get your good stuff out there, good stuff that provides a good experience and helps people.

SEM - Search engine marketing


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